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2) Trees

In our last post we mentioned about the importance of keeping gutters and drains cleared of leaves and other debris. This next tip will help with keeping the leaves from causing any blockages.

Keeping trees trimmed from over hanging your property's roof, will help to keep those pesky leaves from blocking the gutters and also from causing any damage to the roof if the weather gets particularly nasty. Heavy snowfall and strong winds can make tree branches snap, or even the whole tree topple over.

It may seem unlikely that a tree would fall on your property – but it does happen and it can cause huge amounts of damage. Unfortunately, there’s no foolproof method for ensuring the stability of a tree by yourself, but you can have adequate buildings insurance in place just in case.

If there’s a tree on your land that looks like it might topple in a storm, call in an arborist (tree surgeon) for advice. If it’s a neighbour’s tree or property of the council, you’ll have to write to them and ask them to look into it, as legally you can’t do anything yourself.

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